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ZumbAtomic (Zumba for kids) I knew you were trouble by Taylor Swift

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I didn’t realize how much my kids LOVE the camera!!! Haha…some serious rock stars right here!
I use this song as a cool down before our stretch….they LOVE to sing a long with it!
Choreography by Nina de Leon
No copyrights or infringements intended

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Hot J says:

i love the energy.

Heather Jones says:


Rebecca Sandle says:


Shawn Holmes says:

the kid got.n

Shawn Holmes says:

Dominique kid the in

Cynthia Rodgers says:

the girl in the greenis yellow shert she nows th dan

hugsxox xoxlol says:

ok  thanks ill use that for the talent show this year thanks byeee

Jana Čejková says:

please name of the song which is in the end .. short song .. 🙂 thx

Jennifer Acomb says:

Absolutely wonderful! I love watching your Zumba® Kids videos. About to start teaching my own and I'm definitely taking tips from you 🙂

ShannonToboggan says:

Oh, man! They are so funny! They kept getting closer and closer. Kids crack me up!

Andriy Avetisev says:

Wow! .I did -25 lbs past 7 days.Go to hawght.so#SNHFLxv

Dance with Nina says:

Hi Rosaritoglez! Im not sure what you mean by the arms movements hurting. You never want to hyper extend your arm (straightening it all the way and popping your elbow), and that might be what you are doing, hard to say without watching you. I would review the video again to watch for precising how the arm movements are done because it shouldnt hurt. Thanks for watching. :)

Dance with Nina says:

Hi Georgie! I will be posting some more videos soon. I'm glad its easy for you because that is the point. Zumba for kids is not meant to be difficult. It is meant to be easy enough that any child can pick up the moves easily and put more and more energy into it. The more energy the more calories get burned. If you are looking for something harder you may want to try an actual hip hop dance class. Thanks for watching!!! :)

rosaritoglez says:

I like thad song nina but the arm movements hurts a little

Georgie wieth says:

Fun and kinda easy for me 🙂 can you post more videos with different songs 🙂 

Dance with Nina says:

yes in Beaverton, Oregon :)

Avisandi Acosta says:

you welcome and in this in the USA! just asking! lol

Dance with Nina says:

Thank you!!! 🙂 <3

Avisandi Acosta says:

so cute! i just love it so much! lol

Dance with Nina says:

the music and say that I need help teaching and ask who wants to help me. I have them go in the front facing us and I go in the back so they can still see me if they get lost and then I tap on the shoulder of another kid that wanted to play and keep rotating them through until they all had a chance to get up there and teach. Oh my GOSH…they LOVE it! I mean LOVE it and feel so special. Just an idea to try that has worked for me in class. :)

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