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Zumba Workout Routine + Outfit Of The Day

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Hi, I’m Jackie & welcome to my channel! I post new videos every Monday, Wednesday & Friday! SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=JaaackJack

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In my last video I asked if you guys would like to see a Zumba style workout routine and an overwhelming amount of you said yes so here it is. This isn’t a walk-through workout routine only because I had trouble finding zumba type of music for the video, but once I’m able to find youtube approved music I will do a routine video for you guys to follow along with. Also I’m sharing an outfit of the day featuring Zumba Apparel, hope you enjoy!

ps- if you’re reading this leave a comment saying “Zumba baby!!”

xo Jackie


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*This video is sponsored by Zumba. I was so excited when Zumba contacted me because I have been a huge fan of Zumba for years now! I only share brands/products that I truly enjoy here on my channel, I would never promote something I don’t enjoy.

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Briana Parnell says:

Zumba is so relaxing and it's a good workout. Zumba baby! Love you Jackie keep it up 😊

Carly M says:

I really want to take a zumba class. I also love to dance and zumba looks like so much fun:)

FootSoldier66 says:

No laughing here! Great, fun video!

Can I ask where you got that giant mirror?

Marisol Soto says:

Yay Zumba Baby!!! ;D

Lizbeth Gamez says:

What shoes are those ? I love them plz tell mee

omgangelaxo says:

What songs wiuld you recommend for both the warm up and the basic routine? if you could reply asap thatll be great bc i have an assignment on zumba fitness (: ( anyone can answer )

Nivvy87 says:

I think you are a great dancer !!!

Karly Laura says:

I reckon this is cool girl 🙂 x

TheLilfairymiss says:

looks like you are having so much funxD! I think that I'm going to do some zumba too thanks loads for the tip :)<3

Mathusha Jeyapalan says:

Is this the same outfit promise (dope20111) used? Anyways, super fun video. Definitely going to try Zumba at home when I have the time 🙂

Karah Luceno says:

I just subcribed! And i love you already Jack! 😀

googliebear8 says:

Anyone know a channel that I can subscribe to that has Zumba to exercise with? Like a go along with videos as U were at a class

KeilaKandid says:

I love that sweater! I have to get one! The slits on the shoulder is my favorite part about it!

Stefanny R says:

Jack I have some perfect Latin Zumba songs you can dance to! If you want to know please message me because I'm embarrassed to tell you here ☺☺

Jennifer H says:

As well as https://m.soundcloud.com/anoophariharan/sets/creative-commons-music-free-to he has a Creative Commons license. I'm pretty sure you can use his music. Hope this helps

Jennifer H says:

Oh btw you can use music from http://www.joshwoodward.com/#/ he makes music for youtubers

Jennifer H says:

Hi Jackie! Love this video, you did really well on those dance moves! Thanks for the video 😀

Mariana Cardenas says:

Omg!!! I can't believe you do Zumba!! I feel like I'm the only person who does it and I have all the CDs so I do it from that and that's my excise and it's so much like how you said and it's also fun cuz the creator of Zumba is Colombian and I'm Colombian so yeah I loved this video and I love you so much!!

Jungkutie pabo says:

YAYYYYY love #fitwithJack !

TaRiNgUrL says:

This awesome!!! Love doing zumba too!!

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