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Zumba Warm-up on Sean Paul She Doesn’t Mind Remix by Vijaya

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Pls Watch in HD .
Any fitness regime cannot be started without warming up . This video is just a warm up choreography using step touch concept . I have tried to keep it simple yet made sure that we are warming up head to toe. P.S. Without warm up its not a great idea to start a Zumba class.
Just want to share one info that these videos are not Dance Based these are purely Dance fitness Based .Zumba is all about fun and working out . Try doing this song while watching you will feel the workout . Trust me 🙂
Well friends i want to clear it its not dance choreo it a Dance Fitness choreo , steps have to be easy to follow , simple and yet fun. Do not judge keeping Dance in view .
In this video i have , NIKKI JYO , HARDEEP , KANIKA , SHIKHA , PRASANNA , NAVEEN and My Self VIJAYA .

A Zumba® warm up Choreography by Vijaya for the song track She doesn’t mind remix

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Soundtrack: She doesn’t minds remix
Artists: Sean Paul
Music : She Doesn’t Mind ( itunes)

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Randhier Moennasing says:




Agatha says:

Too slow 😩

Reena Thakur says:

I am enjoying this dance in school

Az Zahra says:

is it the first step to do zumba or still another step? I wanna try it at home.. and I like the dance.. if there still another next step which one is the caption? please tell me.. thank you :)

Poppytown Dmax Club says:

Great +++

Vandana Jain says:

this is so so awesome 👌👌 great job !!

LittleDrummerChic says:

3:36 gives me strong Highschool Musical vibes

Fabiana Oliveira says:

De todas as  musicas pra dançar que axei esse foi a única ……

Georgie Maroudas says:

Amazing video

amazing channel, love your work

nimfa espanto ramos says:

i like ur choreo,, im zumba lover too,, we used too ur choreo on my zumba practice.. this warm up they like too thank u god bless….

Gabriela Robles says:

I loved this!

Homero Ramirez says:

ecelente el Que iso esta mescla

Tincy Goggin says:

I too would appreciate a little assistance finding this song. Thank-you. Also I love your clear body cues for the choreography!

fagun thakkar says:

u r too good I love your style

Get Fed Nutrition says:

Awesome content!

aarti satpute says:

Very nice

Eliane M Frank says:

Hi Vijaya, thank you for the super warm up! loved it. Can you please informe what is exactly this Version, I did not find it and would love to buy it to Dance with my People. Thank you!

Anne Edelwish says:

it really" work perfectly. i try it for about three times a week in month and i lost my weight and i look more healty than before i did zumba

CutieBear says:

Do you have 20-30 min compilation video ?

Jeannette Valentine says:

where can i get this remix i dont find it on itunes

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