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Zumba Sweeps Through America – New videos in January!

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Watch out! The new Zumba Collection will be out on January 2008 – for now watch this documentary about Zumba in Ohio which includes some footage from the ZUMBA FITNESS LIVE DVD

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salseradelachuleria says:

LOVE THIS! CHILLS! I am from OH and wish I could have been in the studio that day!

Scott Schindler says:

Pat Schindler, my mom, loves this studio. I do Zumba down in Dallas and she does it up in Ohio. What a great thing to share.

Rick Niesen says:

I can't wait to start Zumbaing. My friend Robbie told me about it and it sounds swell. I really hope I get a figure like him…….

LB111100 says:

What an AWESOME video! Really captures the essence of Zumba and what it's all about. It was nice seeing a video from the Midwest area that really has a passion in it for Zumba.

Jibbie49 says:

Sparkpeople zumba

wallykater says:

Zumba is about to BLOW UP in 2008. Bring it on. This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

toweringcone says:

Wow, wow Wow i can not wait for the commercial , congratulation Ohio and all their team, you are GREAT! keep going with ZUMBA. California.

Kim Branco says:

Beto looks so freakin sexy and this infomercial is CALIENTE!! There is NO other workout that can inspire people to move like ZUMBA does!! This has changed MY LIFE!!

Deb Matthews says:

WOW!!! This is so great!! DIANE — you look AWESOME and it's great to see you highlighted here! That was an amazing day, and people watching this video cannot begin to imagine how much fun it is to ZUMBA with 300 people in one room!!!!! I'm so thankful I got to be a part of it (even found myself in a frame!) – Doug – Joan — you guys are GREAT — And BETO — THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU HAVE GIVEN US ALL!!!! …ZumbaDeb in Vermont

Kimberly Paine says:

Eeee! This was great, I can't WAIT for the infomercials to come out. Get ready world! 😉

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