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Zumba Steps: Merengue

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Zumba – Merengue! Zumba® education specialist Donna Giffen shows you how to master the merengue in quick & easy steps. Zumba® fitness classes are a fun and energetic way to in get in shape for Christmas parties, special occasions or to have fun while you work out.

‘Zumba Fitness is a dance inspired fitness programme using basic steps from or inspired by many International rhythms. Some of the steps may vary from the traditional steps you’d find in technique classes of those rhythms. Here you will find them tweaked to create flavoured fitness moves that provide an all over workout that anyone can do! ENJOY! ‘

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Telka Bartlette says:

I am 65 years  and have been trying  this and it works. I look forward twice daily

alexdelia12 says:

I've tried Zumba twice and leave within 5 mins cause I can't get the steps. Thank you so much for this video!!!

Robert Atkinson says:

I am going to give it a go, lough if you want, i will show you the results! I hope, anyway! lol

Bekim Zenku says:

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Mohamed Abbassy says:

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Danushka Presad says:

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Bello Monte says:

Hi Donna, I like your tutorial. They are very clean and easy to follow.
I just wish you had also a tutorial of Samba basic or Samba lunge or everything about Samba. I'm a new Zumba instructor and your video is really a great help.
Hopefully you will upload Samba tutorial? 😉 Thanks 🙂 And keep up the good work !

foant says:

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giorgos zaxarias says:

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Atep Suhendar says:

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Lilian Braldt Haak says:

I am a male Zumba Instructor. I stopped to think if a step is 'manly' or not. Zumba is such a great workout for everybody! It is a lot of fun for me as a man to do the choreography in such a way that I feel comfortable with it. In almost every Zumba dance genre I succeed to do it in such a way that I think, it looks sturdy and tough. The ‘inventor’ of Zumba (Beto) is also a guy so he is a role-model for me in that sense. Doing belly dance in a 'manly' way is still difficult… 🙂 

christie babbitt says:

Love her work tapes. Easy instructions to follow. Looking forward to finding more.

Annette Garrett says:

Great personality, great tutorials, great job. I am a Zumba Instructor as well. You make it look easy and fun like it should be! Great for both beginners and for the advanced. 

ThePanacon says:

Looks good on women, not so manly on men, tho.

mummipoo1 says:

No…its instructional – When you learn the steps you can add your own style and flavour. Zumba celebrates personal style of movement of the individual taking part. Its is not a merengue "perfection" class. It is "Latin Based" movement. Beto Perez does his merengue march the exact same way. There is no such thing as "Right" or "Wrong" in Zumba. You simply move your body the way it wasnt to move- no pressure to be "perfect".

emilio arias says:

the merengue es ritmic, no rigid.

emilio arias says:

Dances like an man, is too rigid. got to be smoother. No raise your arms too.
Smooth your mouvements.

sskrajak says:

good training video …..simply loved it

Elham Alzarooni says:

gonna try it, my first time also

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