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Zumba Steps: Funky Calypso

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Zumba Steps: Funky Calypso – Zumba® education specialist Donna Giffen shows you how to funk up the Calypso move. Get those arms and legs moving and work those inner thighs. This is an energetic one but it’s sure to get you in the mood for your Zumba® fitness class.

‘Zumba Fitness is a dance inspired fitness programme using basic steps from or inspired by many International rhythms. Some of the steps may vary from the traditional steps you’d find in technique classes of those rhythms. Here you will find them tweaked to create flavoured fitness moves that provide an all over workout that anyone can do! ENJOY! ‘

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keisha charles says:

what is the name of that song?????

kalum sana says:

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Saintly2 says:

If you have any knee problems, or those in your classes with knee problems, avoid the leg movement shown in this video as it puts painful torque on the knee joint. I have this problem and change the move to (what I call) horse hips: Wide stance and a simple gallop from R to L without any inward knee movements.

Love Donna's vids!! So glad to see her on a ZIN DVD too!!

Adriana T. says:

Can you upload a video breaking the steps legs slower, please? It is to difficult for me!
Thank you very much!

Jody Wielgosz says:

Thanks for posting these, I feel like I am bale to get these moves better now that have been broken down 🙂

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