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Zumba Steps: Cumbia with Reggaeton Step

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Zumba Steps – Cumbia with reggaeton Step! Zumba® education specialist Donna Giffen shows you how to master the cumbia complete with reggaeton step. It’s all about the hip action so let Donna help you get ready for your Zumba® fitness class with this video guide.

‘Zumba Fitness is a dance inspired fitness programme using basic steps from or inspired by many International rhythms. Some of the steps may vary from the traditional steps you’d find in technique classes of those rhythms. Here you will find them tweaked to create flavoured fitness moves that provide an all over workout that anyone can do! ENJOY! ‘

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Teresita Augustine says:

Donna, you make this looks so easy! lol.

tiins27 says:

Whaow u make al steps look so simple and i really like to listen to u!!
Kip it up u r damn gud👍👍👍

Dimitry Martinez says:

When Puta

Dimitry Martinez says:

We are ten

maria medina says:

you are my favorite instructor zumba educacional i have learnead to much watching your videos all the basic steps trhat i can do is for your teachings thankyou very much. i am sorry my writting is poor. please put more videos . appreciate to much.

Jackie “Frankie” Boulay says:

You are good, girl!

bootziec says:

Thank you so much for sharing your videos…

Shar Grand says:

i did it for 20 min and i lost 10 labs know i wait 120 thanks for zumba theymade my life easy 

Yarelly Rodriguez says:

The mane of the song is " sigue la cumbia " by zumba fitness

Natalia Prado says:

Wow you've made teaching cumbia moves very easy!! Thankyou

Perry Peters says:

¿Cuál es el nombre de esta canción

xamyzh says:

I love zumba more than i can imagine. I have never been this passionate about a thing for a long long time. Love your videos, thanks!!!

MaRRleNa says:

Me gusta mucho! 😀
escribir un título de la canción porfavor :P

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