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Zumba Steps: Basic Bellydance

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Zumba Steps: Basic Bellydance – Zumba® education specialist Donna Giffen shows you how to master a sexy bellydance-inspired move with this video guide. Stretch those arms above your head and get moving and shaking. Eat your heart out Shakira!

‘Zumba Fitness is a dance inspired fitness programme using basic steps from or inspired by many International rhythms. Some of the steps may vary from the traditional steps you’d find in technique classes of those rhythms. Here you will find them tweaked to create flavoured fitness moves that provide an all over workout that anyone can do! ENJOY! ‘

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GPF says:

This is not Belly dance!! Please change the name of the description

Mirah Ammal says:

I do get that Zumba moves are meant to be "inspired by" and are only tangentially related to the dances by which they were inspired…but as Middle Eastern Dancer and Zumba instructor, I refuse to call this "belly dance" in my classroom. These moves are more Bollywood inspired, if anything. And whereas Zumba attempts to understand and respect the general rhythmic structure I and character of Latin dances, they don't really generally do so with Arabic/Middle Eastern rhythms and dance character. That may be part of why people are reacting poorly and why it may feel to some like cultural appropriation in a somewhat different way.

For myself, I will include some belly dance in a Zumba class, but when I do i use actual BD music and stick a little closer to the source (but with a fitness edge). 

Mel Issa says:

If anyone cared to read the discription it says " how to master a sexy bellydance-inspired move with this video guide." INSPIRED doesn't mean it is the exact move. just is taking bits of moves by it. Either way if you don't like it don't watch it.

Glitter Nails says:

It's funny everyone has their own interpretation of belly dancing but the ones who don't know how to do it, teach it. LOL.

Hà Tuấn Anh says:

It would be a shame for you not to get ripped when these people are able to lose weight easily using Shape X Booster (Look it up on google).

OutofBabylon Danceschool says:

As a pure 100% Bellydancer I want to say: Very nicely done! 

Carol Tait says:

You're doing a great job , your instructions are very easy to follow.

Xoron says:


lynne2steve says:

Wonderful Donna! I'm sure all zumba people will appreciate this. Remember that Zumba's interpretation of bellydance is different from professional bellydancing!

mummipoo1 says:

Part2- it is merely a version or interpretation based on what is required of that programme. So lighten up, there are far more outrages going on in the world than people dancing and enjoying themselves. Stop hating and respect difference. You are putting way too much energy into negativity. Peace out!

mummipoo1 says:

Wow! Any movement of the body along to music is Dance- Movement to music is pure joy and brings joy to the participant. At no point have i seen a comment from Zumba or anyone else berating someone like i have seen from some people here. I am a dancer to trade and have danced all over the world and have witnessed many different styles etc. There is no law against your interpretation of a "style" and this video does not pertain to be the authority on "traditional/original bellydance"


If everyone who finds that aspects of this tutorial is offensive to Bellydance would like to complain to Zumba Fitness then maybe they will endeavour to make some changes if they receive enough complaints. Maybe Zumba did not fully realise this is a respect issue.

Please dont disrespect each other any further. It solves nothing.
The teacher on this video is NOT in any way responsible for the creation of the steps.
Please take it up with the people who are able to make those changes. 

STVPeople says:


The description has been amended as stated in previous comment, the title of the video clearly puts the move in a Zumba context.

STVPeople says:

Please also note that the description of the video was not written by Donna, but by STV and has now been amended to hopefully clear things up a little.

David @ STV

STVPeople says:

I have removed a number of comments on this video as the atmosphere was getting a little "strained". Please note that these tutorials do not claim to be pure Bellydance lessons and are quite clearly put in the context of Zumba and the Zumba Fitness programme, which is inspired by a variety of international dance styles – including bellydance. It is not intended to mislead anyone or misrepresent anything – just to help people have fun and get fit.

Ali Allen says:

"Face it, you're an exercise instructor, NOT a dancer.." Thats right…she's not teaching
Belly dance, she's showing simplified moves so that ANYONE can do them. As a longstanding belly dancer tired of the crap that the belly dancing world continues to churn out, I love that someone is embracing this style of dance and music and doing something positive with it. Traditionally belly dancing is a sharing form of dance. Historically, though I see most western belly dancers to be lacking in that

Valizan says:

@allyokay Hi Allyokay! 🙂 I think the problem is that some of the wording suggests that this is bellydance. I know that seeing "Master sexy bellydance" set off an alarm bell for me. Most Zumba teachers likely aren't under the illusion they are doing the correct steps, but most people who see this aren't Zumba teachers. They're Just Folks, who don't know any better. I don't think we feel threatened. Bellydance has been around for centuries… we'll weather Zumba! 🙂 Happy Zumba'ing!

Donna Giffen says:

Zumba is a fitness programme, a globally successful one. It takes basic movements from and inspired by International rhythms and dance styles and creates easy and effective steps that work the entire body. It is not a technique class, but a dance-fitness programme. The 'Stance' is a squat that is held while you work various fitness arms flavoured by a style and rhythm. Before you bring it down, you should understand it's purpose and place and what it doesn;t claim to be!

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