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Zumba Routine on Dawin DESSERT Song | Zumba Dance Fitness | Choreographed by Vijaya Tupurani

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Zumba Routine on DESSERT Song by Dawin ft. Silento, for Zumba Dance Fitness beginners choreographed by Vijaya Tupurani. For more Fitness Dance Videos Subscribe – www.youtube.com/VijayaTupurani

Venue Partners: Happy Hours Dance Place

Artist : Dawin

Click here to watch:

Zumba Routine on Balans Song – https://youtu.be/FM0JjqkALGg

Nashe Si Chad Gayi​ Song – https://youtu.be/xrX30jd-T5k

Zumba Routine on The Breakup Song – https://youtu.be/jzhrwYj1q9Q

SOY PARA TI Remix – https://youtu.be/uFPN6HdXhAg

Zumba Dance Workout

Zumba Riot With Vijaya Tupurani

Just want to share one info that these videos are not Dance Based these are purely Dance – fitness. Zumba is all about fun and working out. Try doing this while watching, you will feel the workout. Trust me 🙂

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Instagram: instagram.com/Vijaya.Tupurani

I do not own the rights to this song and use it for teaching and demonstration purposes only under the Copyright Fair Use Act

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Joey Viacrucis says:

just so amazed by Ms vijaya as always..tnx for ur awesome moves, mam!!

Twinkle Star says:

omgush you guys look great!

Eng Wagner says:

Hi Vijaya, I love your workout videos. I have a party by myself every time I exercise. Your dance partner is gorgeous. She looks like Dipeeka Padukone.

this is roa says:

go on.. love you vijaya dedy

Shruti Sharma says:

Video not available!!

Snehal Behere says:

omg superb zumba..just great..hatts off to you guys😘

Lindy Lou says:

Love you Vijaya!!!!! Great dance!!!!!!! 😘

Aarya Karambelkar says:

this video is showing not available for me

Abdulaziz Bhutto says:

video is not available 😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😳

fagun thakkar says:

video not available😥😥

dilip kumar says:

Saw this live yesterday at the Zumba Riot Aurangabad………this has to be one of ur best Zumba routines till date!

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