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Zumba Rock that Body

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This is my cheorgraphy to the Black eyed peas song Rock that body. Super fun one! The robot is always fun to do. I had bronchitis while I was teaching this so I had to run out for a second but you get the idea!!

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healingpowerofGod says:

this is so fun! 😀

healingpowerofGod says:

fun choreo <3

Dawn Lewis says:

Love this! Thanks for sharing!

Skylar Furneaux says:

are you in watson

breech5 says:

i see one guy in the far back corner lol

Dr0pz0fJuPiteR says:

My only negative comment for your video is that you should have advised that girl in those furry boots to NOT wear them during your class. If they've got that type of bottom that makes her slide, that could turn into a very dangerous situation. Other than that, your routine is great. Keep up the great work you're doing. =)

Diddan0390 says:

thumbs up for the big pink shoes! xD

salma khan says:

i take zumba

emily ray says:

when i'm doing zumba I feel like the instructor.. but in reality I probably look like the grandma in the background.

Lana Campbell says:

@connerposse and at gyms they r not use to hand ques. normaly once the students get to know you, you can take away the mic that is if the gym will allow it.

capitalritz1 says:

@LarissaZumbaCO I agree with you Larissa! I give cues and our class has so much more fun!
BTW: you're awesome! Thank you for sharing your fun cute routines!!!

misstique08 says:

The lady in the gray pants black top did an excellent job on the robot

Jess Mabbutt says:

my zumba instructor gives cues with her arms and stuff! i love this routine! i am not bashing it, i am just saying how the instructor can maybe give cues with her body as opposed to yelling over the music! like when we have to go a certain way my instructor she points her arm in that direction! i understand that without cues u can lose ur job at certain gysm just sometimes telling over the music can me quite distracting

how does that girl in the green shirt dance in slippers?

NaeT28 says:

love the routine…..nice and simple….well done!

jonny321hohoho says:

my favorite of all the zumba instructors i have found on youtube!!

SuperBuracek says:

look at that girl with a green tshirt and big pink slippers!!! lol 😀

Uniquely Beautiful U Wellness Oasis says:

Larissa, I completely understand. I'm a Zumba instructor and I like to cue, more importantly, my members LOVE when I cue. I give them time to feel the music but also give verbal and non verbal (hand, head gestures) like you. So I'm all for making sure that each member is comfortable with their party. Keep doing what you're doing… Great job!!!

Ela McDaniel says:

The little girl in the booties is adorable. I think ques are fine..and I used to use a mike as well. Well done. Love the routine.

maursd says:

I love that the kid knows the routine, but dont get why she is wearing slippers and sliding around the place :/

LarissaZumbaCO says:

Totally understand what you are saying however most gyms require that instructors verbally que. At the places I teach I don't have a choice. If I don't que, I don't have a job! Most of the people who take zumba at a gym are not dancers and don't feel comfortable with just feeling the music. We have to appeal to everyone!

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