ZUMBA Malha Funk

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One of the class faves!

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Bilal Chmayssani says:

your expressions and energy are amazing. I loved this video so much . You are really great

maria_makiling says:

i like you're routines and have been downloading some of your vids. hehe i like doing them at home.

Lanora Henry says:

Where can I download this song?

Jean-Paul Joseph says:

I love it!!! I'm gonna borrow some of it if you don't mind 🙂

mariam bouchnak says:

u dance very well but its not street dance its brazilian funk

Cherry Leigh Blossom says:

TOO CUTE!!!! You are adorable young lady!!!!

Otavio Marcello says:

Podia pelo menos danca o refrao que nem o cara fala na musica..
Mas ta bom danca muito bem

Shanna Ruiz says:

This is super fun! love this!

nuddny says:

malha funk nas gringa ó haha

mniu NajwaneS says:

you ARE so cute in the garage that is what makes even more special!good Job~

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