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Zumba Kids – Official Gameplay Trailer

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Jump in and have a blast with Zumba Kids, the ultimate dance-fitness party that gets families moving together with fun, high-energy rhythms across 20 different dance styles! Coming soon to Xbox 360.


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tcoimm says:

Justin Bieber = Dislike button magnet activated

Raider23mike says:

Why are all the songs in spanish? Save us Obama

bani aly says:

evry xbox games zill be fun soo you nef jeust try it end see xbox all was win

TheKezmen says:

go play outside kids…

F9oOoL11 says:

تسمونه لعبه ؟

George lugg says:

Do the creators relise that kids won't play this? They would play on any game other than this one.

Anahilda Mojica says:

That looks fun

Conor Craig says:

That dudes moving, right into those chicks heads because of those slick dance moves


Camping out for this game!!!

Venti Tre says:

"…including Justin Bieber"… _-"

Mikey Said says:

still better than cod

TheKootj says:

I need this XD

Krzystof Januszkiewicz says:

Justin… wtf!

Robby Goldberg says:

wow the xbox exclusives are outstanding.

Liz Loz says:

Gigity ….

Sat says:

Only on XBox, thanks we don't want it anyway.

epicwheelz says:

That boy will find out later let hem just play with his friends.

HQgamer5 says:

better than cod 

Mega GamerX says:

77 dislike ps fans

Doctor House says:

You sick bastards

JoeNealZecca says:

Another great xbox exclusive

Cwalk3333 says:

That kid tho

Jomar Borja says:

Game of the year. HAHA

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