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Zumba Kids – Kulikitaka

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Zumba for kids in Beroun (Czech Republic).

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jordan cristobal aguila valderrama says:


Amir Aguemon says:

Ninporte te quoi ce truc on délire vous déconne

Francesco Pisani says:

Ciao io sono una bambina di soli 9 anni e faccio ZUMBA una curiosità potrei sapere dove si compra l'abbigliamento di ZUMBA ? MILLE GRAZIE CIAOOO BRAVISSIMI👍👌✌👏👐

Roberto Delgado San Martin says:


Emilia Sanchez Merlin says:

love zumba kids….

anouk Hurink says:

Is dat met korte haar 

Eloisa Uribe says:

hello johana i just start teacheing zumba kids and i really love your song how can i find it?

Masud Parvez says:

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Ana Lujan says:


diana gambino says:


universitychick478 says:

omgg they'ro sooooo adorable!!!

Princesseelle1 says:

hermosas mniñas me recuerdan mis años de educadora 😀 PRECIOSAS NIÑAS!!

Liza Pezzimenti says:

so cute! 

watermelonstarfish says:

I do this dance in my zumba class. This is to too cute

tamikacyrus says:

so so so cute!!

tamikacyrus says:

so so so ! 1vn

mallory clan says:

so, so cute!!!

Jana Uhlirova says:

It´s Kulitiaka by Jocelyn Y Lucila ;)

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