Zumba in China

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Here’s a little demo of what Zumba in China is like. Prepare yourself for what could be some life changing dance moves:

Please note: These are merely some of the dances that were taught. We learned many more Zumbaesque dance routines.

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hi12473 says:

Zumba with Korean song? seriously?  This is nothing like Zumba !!!

MrDheko316 says:

que grande los asiaticos,tienen menos ritmo que una gotera pero le ponen empeño.

Nixon Juan says:

pretty boring, from music to dance moves… ho hum…

laceytamtns says:

i dont think its zumba ,its just a dance lesson

carlos chavez says:

Check Mr. Fusion song here in Youtube….

carlos chavez says:

Good Job mister, I like it

carlos chavez says:

@chololatino Oh really mister… chocolatino… whata are you talking about.. just latino music is boring!!!!! I DO EVERYTHING IN MY CLASSES…. EVERYTHING!!!!!!

tupa maru says:

zumba without latin music is not zumba

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