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Zumba Gold song “Proud Mary”

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I'm a brand new gold instructor and I love your routine!!

ZumbAnne Reno says:

Bringing this one back for our Disco Gold Master Class later this month. Love it!

Joab Walker says:

bommmmmmm de mais

Brigitte Zeilinger says:

Brenda, I am your age and got my license last year. You are such an inspiration to all of us and we just like to see you posting whatever you are doing. Thank you.

clandan says:

Brenda, I wish we had a zumba gold in our area.  I am your age and this song did bring back memories.  Well done!

Angela Tezanos says:

amazing !!!!! its great !!!!

lisa donahue says:

OMG, Ms. Brenda you are amazing, you have helped me out a lot, I was looking for something fun but low impact for my class. Thanks For Posting, Keep Doing What You Do

Lisa Murray says:

This is perfect for my Zumba Gold class

Brenda Holcomb says:

Thanks for the compliment. I am 63 yrs old and I say go for it.

Mary Elenbaas says:

Brenda – you are awesome! I was an aerobic instructor back in the 80's – I'm going to be 54 in Nov. and training to be a Zumba Gold instructor! I LOVE your class!!! God bless you!

Brenda Holcomb says:

Song by Tina Turner Album" Tina's All The Best" 5:26 minutes
Hope this helps

B cka3ke says:

I love this choreography!!! And will start teaching zumba gold soon. Where can i get this version of the song?

Christina Leo says:

me gusta su clase ! la felicito ! zumba es lo mejor!

Pat Dorry says:

I think the lady in the white pants is a good example of a fit, slim and energetic lady who is enjoying your class.

Brenda Holcomb says:

Thanks for your comment. All students know to work at their own pace. And the lady you are referring to is in great shape. She commented not long ago that she use to not be able to touch the floor but now she can.

Lee Campbell says:

You really need to watch your participants when they are bending forward,… hope the lady in the white pants inthe back does not have high blood pressure…

flava428 says:

Awesome job ladies!

Change2be1 says:

I really like this zumba workout it was easy to follow and easy to remember the steps and moves.

fernandau2 says:

Love it! FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

vikinyc says:

Love it! Great job ladies 🙂

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