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Zumba Gold – Merengue – Mi chica sexy – Alberto Flash – Zumba à Liège

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**I do not own the rights to this song. No infringement intended. For inspirational purposes only**

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Terri James says:

Hi Olena, I love your choreo and song. Is this in our zumba music. I cant find it.

Jancil Wooge says:

Where do you find the music ? Thank you jjwooge@gmail.com

Sara Hale says:

Anyone found this song???? If so please email because I would love to use but can't find it. Halesara5@gmail.com

Martha Rice says:

I love it too, and can't find the music!! Any suggestions would be awesome.

Tom Loetters says:

I like this choreo and song very much. Is this an ZIN Song ? Can you send me the download of this song please to my email _ Kirsten.Loetters@web.de thank you so much

Yuliia Korolova says:

Задорно!!!! Вы умничка !!

Jamie Achrazoglou says:

Is this song available in US?

L Shultz says:

Love all your choreography. Just got my zumba gold license and I have learned so many great routines from you to bring to the class. Thank you so very much for posting so many. Keep them coming. Zumba Love

naomi gonzalez says:

Hi Olena, I love this version…where can I find it? Is it on one of the Zumba CD's?

terry P says:

i like it.:-)

Deborah Bonecutter says:

Love this! Where can I find this song?

Shari Chaney says:

Love it! Where I can I find this version of the song?

GabrielleZumbaGold says:

Hi Olena. This is brilliant! Hope you don't mind if I use it with my Goldies. Thanks!

Mama Rock Fitness says:

Olena, I love this routine and my goldies will too. Where can I find this song?

liz sunseri says:

Very nice job!!!~`!Love the Merengue steps.

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