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Zumba Gold , Jump in the line.

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we had fun with this one, i also used it in my regular class as cool down .

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caribqueen63 says:

What version is this song?

lauri mcnally says:

I cant find the right version of the song

seabreezes54 says:

i also really like your routine. Jump In The Line, by Harry Belafonte, I found it at my library so I didn't have to buy it.

Nap Dela Cuesta Bacus says:

hi, could you mail me this song "jump in the line" zumba version? its a fun song, i would like to add this in my class. napi10_01@yahoo.com
pretty please?
-new zumba instructor

zumbacrazy2 says:

hi, just mail me with youtube and i will send you the song

fatusch says:

I would love to e-mail you , but I can´t find your e-mail adress! 🙁

fatusch says:

Please to me too !!!! I am desperate for this song !!!

Christina Leo says:

me encanta tu buena onda! asi soy en mis clases. un abrazo

zumbacrazy2 says:

If you mail me your email adress i will mail it to you

nattygut says:

Hi , love this choreo and song . Do you mind if I use it ??? And could you share this song please , my email is nattygut01@yahoo.com , thank you so much .

zumbacrazy2 says:

Hi ,the name of the song is jump in the line. if you send me you email adress i will send it to you

Ellen Jang says:

I LOVE this!!!!

Valeria Lopiccolo says:

Please could you send me the name of this amaze song?

Thanks for share..

mmessina42 says:

love it i will teach this to my gold class awesome job

Becky.g Grumbridge says:

Thx i found it on itunes and have already used it my classes! thankyou for sharing. I love your music and choreography, and of course the way you move!
becky x

zumbacrazy2 says:

jump in the line , mail me and i will send it to u

Becky.g Grumbridge says:

great ! what is the name of the track!

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