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I have no rights for this music.
Zumba for Kids www.swingwithsandra.nl
enjoy the choreo

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grecike04 says:

Respectfully disagree with the fact that they just love the song, not the lyrics. Sorry, if my child comes back after the zumba lesson singing those kinda lyrics I wouldn't be happy with it. Even they don't understand, or smth like that, parents does, and there shouldn't be any discussion. Zumba or football, or school those are the places where kids are being educated, and they should be educated right, while there are millions of nice songs without bad words. I was teaching hip hop, and to find hip hop songs without bad words not so easy, but that's why  we get money for our job to find, to search and do the job good. Respect and peace, but as a teacher you shouldn't think so easy about it.

Misty Roberts says:

Kidz Bop has a great version. 

Sandra de Wit says:

they just love the song, not the lyrics 🙂

lilabetann says:

I really love this, you do a great job with children! I was just wondering, though, did you consider using the "clean" version instead of explicit with them? I don't know if you dubbed the song over or something for youtube, but you can hear the f-word, just wanted to let you know.

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