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zumba fitness – JLo/Pitbull On the Floor

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done in class for 1st time! easy routine =) * no copyright infringement intended

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elian rebaza b says:

te quiero muxo nena lo ases genial !

Meggie Wheeler says:

Cant wait to do this workout

Emma Watkin says:

Love it!!!!!

Kim lhirondelle says:

Where did you find this version of the song?

April Dixon says:

Yep, easy, but effective! Love it!

Persi says:

I like this routine because its easy to do but still makes you feel the burn. Lol!

Fiona Daly says:

Once my exams are over, I think I'm gonna start doing Zumba with my mum. Some mother-daughter time that has nothing to do with shopping (I don't like shopping) 😛

Jess Mabbutt says:

Its easy to make up ur own routines once u have done a class! I have been taking Zumba for almost a year now and just take moves my Instructor does in class and listen to music and put steps together depending I. Music!!

Nur Agami says:

so fun! energic!coollllllllll

AuroraChan2010 says:

This looks fun and its great to see this, but I wish the camera was in front of the class though

mia leon says:

You are great!!!!!i love you videos,,thank you so much

Shannon Brennan says:

@CLEIBM yes…this is the class called zumba…

Jayto11 says:

Haha! I've been doing this routine for a few days now and I have to say, boy does it make me sweat! Thanks a lot. 🙂

KARL says:

I love your dancing it's soo AWESOME!! my class is dancing to this

Susan MacLeod says:

What a fab routine, Excellent job!!!

Vaisravana says:

wow very fit

Tony Arellano says:

why the name Ecuachic? are you from Ecuador like me?

Isamary Almonte says:

Eres excelente!! Y he rebajado 10lbs gracias a tus videos. Gracias y saludos desde Puerto Rico!!!!!! <3 <3<3

5UNNYR4Y3 says:

this one is so much fun!!

jessisawesome7 says:

lol I dance like this when I'm alone in my room …

Treasa Spragg says:

I love your choreo. Thanks so much for uploading. May I borrow this please?

Gabriela Mallo says:

@ecuachic17 Hey…where in NYC do you teach?? I'm there too and would love to take your class one day ♥♥

Dalila Gonzalez says:

love it! great stuff

Dirty toothpick youtube says:

I love this…I'm a new instructor and still looking for warmup ideas etc and this is awesome. I'm always happy for inspiration and as another poster said, it's easy, straightforward, no big 'fluff' about it. I love it. Thank you.

Sarah Hutchko says:

We use a lot of the same moves in my Zumba class but the intro is a little different. I think my instructor calls it a samba? i'd have to put a video up (which i have to ask her if I can do lol) but it's pretty similar – i think you'd like it! should be up by the end of the week at the latest

Katie Jo Taylor says:

Great routine! I just got the new Zumba video package, but your routines really help me get the moves down better than the videos do lol! Thank you for the great content, keep up the nice work!

Tamara Abrantes says:

this is so good!

Marko Kralik says:

Of all Get on the floor Zumba videos on YT your is the best!!!! Dont sue ua if we copy your coerography! 🙂

brittany says:

this is the extact choro from my tuesday class i go too cool

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