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Zumba Fitness – E3 2010 Trailer

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Name: Zumba Fitness
Release date: To Be Announced
Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii
Publisher(s): Majesco Entertainment
Developer(s): Pipeworks Software

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Angie Miranda says:

me encanta los juego de baile

lizzy coffey says:

@fairyPuddl3s bla bla bla

lizzy coffey says:

what songs are featured in this trailer

Gabby P says:

I love this game! I feel all hot and latin when I move. lol

jjacksoniv says:

@spectervisions1 @spectervisions1 she looks like a boy, get of youtube and get a life and maybe ur standards wouldnt be so low

spectervisions1 says:

who is the girl she is hot….i will lose weight if they had a game called Zumba fucking….i would burn mad calories with her

michael long says:

fucking sick of seeing that plenty of fish ads on here.youtube making love with them or something?

Dagmar Lambertz says:

can anyone say me what is the name of 1:03 – 1:23. I love this or this songs but nowbody can help me to find this 🙁 Pleasssssseee!

Shelby Ann Murrell says:

Is that rebecca black playing?

CDBTM says:

@correiodozac It's not exactly a rip off. Zumba Fitness has been around forever. Just Dance just beat Zumba Fitness to the punch in making a fitness/dance/whatever the HELL they call it game lol

anythinggoesjoe says:

Yes now us Spanish people have a game to dance too because god knows Spanish people need another reason to brake-out in dance

Lilly.Firefly. says:

@PazieStar I´ve just a PS2 and Gamecube^^

Pazie Chan says:

@TheAsienCat its for wii and ps3 too ^^

Pazie Chan says:

@lilianp93 its for wii and ps3 too :p

corrio zac says:

Just Dance rip off

Juan Bustamante says:

@ArcadiaAlps yea, this is for the wii -________-

Gabriel Arsene says:

i had some zumba practice and it is fun, like aerobic. i want this game

Lilly.Firefly. says:

that´s soo cool, I want totally want to buy that, but I don´t have a x-box 🙁 I just love Zumba, it´s sooo much fun 😀 ♥

nino851 says:

I like the music, cant wait to buy this 😀

xlnknpkx says:

i so wanna get this! it looks just like the classes!! ive taken the classes before and they are super fun and a good workout but sometimes i cant make it so this would be good for me to have! cant wait 🙂 just found out about this game! just dance looks like a good game too

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