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Zumba Fitness 2 – Opening Cinematic Trailer (Wii)

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Check out the opening cinematic for Zumba Fitness 2.

Read more here: http://www.gamespot.com/631412

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Jason Francis says:

Still think this Intro was showing more of Tanya's Butt when she was shaking more than seeing her Dancing!

Jason Francis says:

As Much as Tanya is a Talented Zumba Dancer!I still think the Intro should show her Dancing instead of getting a close view of her Butt Shaking!Just saying!

Jason Francis says:

I may not be a fan of Zumba but was Tanya Beardsley alright that half of her time in the Intro her Butt was shown a little bit more then seeing her dancing showing off her Skills?

Sarah Aktas says:

Sa gere a mort

🌸 TheMCkitty 🌸 says:

i love it i lost a lot of weight fun fun fun
the only thing is its weird u have to have a zumba belt or if u dont have one you have to put the remote in your pocket its fun and good excersize love it!!

Chelsea Marshall says:

lol i said that too.

Tatiana Amaral says:

Can anyone tell me the name of this song?

Kendra Weiss says:

i have this game its so much fun!!!!! plus some of the moves are kindif wrong but fun

esmeralda secundino says:

@littlesuperstars1 agree

Fatou Gueye says:

I love Zumba ! It is fun and energetic(: Props to the creator!

Isabella C says:

Tanya.. <3
Oh that woman 

Maryonic777 says:


Tristan Deelom says:

Boring game !

tuhwana says:

yall summ haters thats cause yall don tknow how to danc

Matthew Stinker says:

love love this game…

Alexander Reynolds says:

people do not like fitness XD

LuvNBLuvd says:

@YSKite she looks better than your mom. 

OfficialEdited says:

Flopped Trailer :/

Nicholas Stephens says:

This Trailer is kinda flopped! :/

ascen sabater says:

vampyreshadow77 yes this is a zumba fitness 2 the new videogame only for wii the moment, posibility the others xbox ps3, but later, first is from wi 😀 

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