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ZUMBA – Ed Sheeran – Shape of You

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Choreo by Dovydas Veiverys.
This is a remix by – Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You (Vanity X Kevin Peels Remix)

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Kate Tipton says:

Love it – but where did you get the remix!

rajesh Kumar Dwibedi says:

nice bro

Cecy Juárez says:

I was sick 😷 for a week and I can't go to my class and you helped me a lot to feel better from my home 🤗🤗🤗thanks

Brian Sheppard says:

Boom Boom Boom! Well done! Love it.

Lucas Martins says:

MC G15 – DEU ONDA , please!!
Brazilian music

zumbasurf says:

Or is it a specific remix?

zumbasurf says:

Please what program did you use to up the BPM ?

allychannel Medina Pacheco says:

Me encanta 😍
soy instructora también y tiene muy buenos pasos !! excelente

Elda Cec says:


Jeanne Marie Storm says:

AWESOME! Thanks for sharing.

Victoria Fielding says:

You know you're an awesome instructor, right? :-)

beauty forever says:

you are the best as usual …waiting for the next dance ..trés bien!

Undergoundkween Muhammad says:

love this

Yaritza Jimenez says:

Omg I love the choreograph! you don't even know how much you are helping me I work out to your videos everyday… thank you!!

Sasha LoPiccolo says:

Love it!!!

Erin Lee says:

Me too! I was waiting for your choreography to this song, and the wait was worth it! ❤ it! Thank you! 😁

There's also a Spanish version of this song. Hope you can try that in your class too ;)

Noèlia Pérez says:

I was waiting for somebody to do a choreo on this song… You absolutely nailed it, you never fail to amaze me, your choreos are beyond awesome!!

zumbasurf says:

4 AM notified …
Choreo too catchy too wait …
Bravo !
Mucho gusto!
Exceeded expectations!!

Rebecca Sestacial says:

Nice! and so fast on choreographing this!

Marion Pantanella says:

love it 😍😍

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