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Zumba Be Fit

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Osama Sama says:

ليش ما بيفتح الفيديو؟؟؟؟
why is it not work???

ευα πλμρ says:

δεν με εντυπωσίασε και πολυ

angela srsl says:

ego idi adinatisii

Kenz300 x says:

Riding a bike is fun and good exercise………walking, bicycles and mass transit will all be part of making cities livable.
Ride to school………ride to work………ride for fun………..
Bike to work day should be everyday….. employers needs to provide places to park and lock bicycles and encourage employees to ride a bicycle to work. Children should be riding a bike to school instead of being dropped off by their parents. Cities need to do more to provide safe walking and biking trails and paths that connect homes, schools and businesses. Speak up and ask for more bicycle paths in your community.

Ennur Asya Kaplan says:

en iyisi bu bence zumbalardan 😀 😀
benim karı fena 😀 😀 😀 😀 :

gada mawasey says:

جحاش زبالي غورو الله ينعنكم شو بنانكل غر حسبنا الله ونعمن وكيل

Kleonikh Zaxaria says:


βαγγελης Kati says:

den exo logia

Iron Body says:

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Ελενη Καλλινη says:

τελικό!!!❤❤❤ φανταστικο

Ελενη Καλλινη says:


βαγγελης Kati says:

δεν εχο λόγια

βαγγελης Kati says:

δεν έχουν λογια

βαγγελης Kati says:


Eleni Giannakopoulou says:

τελιο. κοριτσια. και. αγορι

sandra sina says:


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