zumba basic lesson 1 part 1

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Summer Davey says:

I am leaning this at school

nidzy tan says:

i am confuse, no easy but i will try again.

Salma Ammar says:

ana kont 3wza a3ml save offline ly al vedio hwa leh mynf3sh

sema çakır says:

cok zevkli

kazumi solorzano says:

muy repetitivo 5 minutos repitiendo el mambo cha cha??


excelente para iniciar muchas gracias

ya ël says:

ça va trop vite putain! pour les debutants pas simple !

jocelyne hebert says:

super    Tres bon…………….pour  toua les ages…

Norma Navarro says:

I lost 20 working at zumba? 

Shivani Jain says:

Wow..what a workout …can I do all 3 lessons in one day of part 1..as I will do 1hr workout..and when can we move to next lesson 2..??after a week or a month..?? Thrice a week is it good to do

Minecraft Duduś says:

Dzięki ci bardzo 🙂 super ci to wyszło ! rób tak dalej!!!

Ibrahim Hefzulla says:

can anyone please tell me what is the name of the music used in this Video ? 

Rosario guzmàn garcia says:

pesima rutina

Stephon Jenkins says:

it is better to do your workouts at home on youtube than buying the CDs that they show you on the shows

Goodfear says:

My first zuma im heppy very ! 🙂 THANKS VERY ! 

Jackie Wood says:

What a workout! I thought I was in shape…..gag! I love it.

Johann O'Bryan says:

My first Zumba lesson, thank you. :)

naseema khan says:

terrific video love it…keeps me refreshed…

Jeena Dave says:

this does not seem Zumba.. It more looks like Aerobics.. 


AAP jindabad.

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