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Zumba 4 Christ-Christian Zumba Music- The Chosen (Avril) (What is the Kingdom? Album)

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This song is ZUMBA PERFECT! A great resource for Christians who love Zumba. Enjoy and thanks for watching! http://thechosenmusic.co.uk/music-for-fitness/

Website: http://thechosenmusic.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Chosen/266795366711029?sk=app_178091127385

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/thechosen1516

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/thechosenuk

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/what-is-kingdom-party-once/id508738471?i=508738488&ign-mpt=uo%3D4
This Zimbabwean born Christian Dancehall Artist is a musician with a mandate. His purpose is to bring Kingdom to the airwaves. Listen to his latest album on iTunes titled ‘What is the Kingdom?’ The Album features Christian artist from Australia, United Kingdom, The United States, and South Africa. Christian Music is blowing up all over from Nashville, TN to Harare, Zimbabwe.

Party Once More is an exceptional party pumping tune with a purpose to demonstrate God’s gift of Abundant Life, and is The Chosen’s first single from his debut album, ‘What is the Kingdom?’.

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Felicia Garland says:

I have mobility loss of balance issues. So I did this with my walker. I'm not old just going through health challenge. I feel great after doing this..better than after physical therapy­čîč

Sarah T says:

oh my GOSHHH ! So amazing  !

Justine Reed says:

You guys should check out Praize Kraze!┬á I was a zumba chaser until I started taking┬áPraize Kraze┬áclasses….from beginning to end is Christian music and it's great!┬á I begged my zumba instructor to get licensed and she did – now she has an offering for people like me who want to focus on God while we work out.
Thanks for posting this!!!

Soul Nurturer says:

nice, I was thinking abt a Christian zumba

Chenel Bush says:

Oh my goodness. Thank you do much for this. I love to dance and Zumba is fun and all but to much work to guard your spirit from the music, the clothes (or lack there of), and the questionable dance moves all while trying to work out and have fun. It want worth all of the work. I'm so happy and appreciative for you guys. Great job. I just subscribed and will gave this video. I am SO a fan of yours now.

BlkDiamond says:

Awesome job ladies!

Antonio Quezada says:

thank you!!! very much !!! I am about to teach zumba at my church and I don't have gospel music

Urban Gem says:

I'm saved and teach Zumba. You won't go to hell for using international rhythms. I refuse to play just Gospel music. God wants us to honor our temples and be fit.

chris gardenscape says:


Hi Toall says:

Good job girls…keep it up…. ­čÖé

Rivkah Freeman-Dasent says:

I absolutely love this!! I want to become a Zumba instructor but was hesitant because of the music. Thank you for sharing!!

Angela Njob says:

WOW YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm So happy to find this music! I am going to be teaching some zumba and I didn't want to compromise on the music. I like it!

Angela Isoken says:

Ok this is great ­čÖé

Jennifer Agee says:

PERFECT!!! You GO GIRL!!! To God be the GLORY!

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