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zumba 24/03/2012 Mara & Beto !! france

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Santibanez Susana says:

Horribleeeeeee! Una estupidez de canción y Mara es peeeeeesima "cantante"!!!!

kamini roy says:

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estazumba22 says:

Has anyone noticed that she is off-key?

Rakib Al Hasan says:

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sabina bajracharya says:

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Fatima Lindenmayr says:

Muito bom mesmo! Amo Vcs Beto, ,Mara e Tanya… 🙂

Belén Sanhueza says:

puta que es afinaaaa la jodio ajajjajaa!!!

Melanie Naldo says:

Love all the choreography to the songs =)

ROSA Alves says:

Béto tu revien kan en france

Mairh Mairoolini says:

the name of the first song???

Kaaaya1995 says:

what is die name of the first song? 🙂

Amalia Baron says:

mejor baila por que cantar nose teda y a beto mejor que baile por que cantar nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

lesliept2008 says:

the live singing is sooo bad!

solpaks32 says:


Ro tururu says:

Zumba era mejor hace varios años…aunq ahora tmbn lo es pero antes era mejor

島袋朱莉 says:


Shash M says:

The Title of that song is "Un Mes." 5:05 by Mara

Kunter15 says:

not this singing 5:05 is the name of another song ! but I don't know pleasss Help me 🙂 ı love this song 🙂

Lunatone80 says:

shake it up !

Kunter15 says:

05.02 what's song name please?

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