Wyclef and Beto Waka Waka Zumba

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Wyclef and Beto from Zumba do the waka waka

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Paola SANCHEZ says:

Que bello Beto regio recuerdo zumba Waka Waka coreo súper 💛💙💖💛💙💖😜😀😃🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶😘😘🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎤
me gusta chévere

C Pando says:

Beto Menkantas! Dios t bendiga…gracias x Zumba y x enseñarme a bailar Samba!

Alejandro Sol says:

Parce Jeffrey, te mando saludos y un abrazo bien fuerte de tu amigo salsero Alejandro Sol de Los Angeles.

Kasey Greenhalgh says:

love love!! Get it you two!

nikkizumbamami says:

too cute!!! me encanta Beto y Zumba. Beto, Gracias por Zumba… LOVE YOU.. XOXO

inuyashafreak1144 says:

wow that dudes so bendy 😀

Angela Serra Martinez says:

Nice Beto….Love Zumba….:D

Come Away With Sara says:

Great dance!!!
check out my waka waka dance 🙂

Nellie K. Adaba says:

That´s silly. Beto´s the best because he created Zumba! Viva Beto! Viva Zumba!

Essentially Kendra says:

sweet hip walks Beto… aye!

Clara E Minor says:

So mucho COOL!!!
Muchos Thank-You's Beto y Wyclef!!! You muchachos ROCK!!! ( and your Waka Waka is pretty good too…hahahahaha!!!!!

ZumbaWithAndria says:

I am so glad I am an instructor and can say I am a part of this. Thanks Beto and Zumba Fitness!

ZumbaWithAndria says:

I am so glad I am an instructor and can say I am a part of this. Thanks Beto and Zumba Fitness!

John Montoya says:

I love Wyclef and what he has done for Haiti before and after the earthquake. Thanx Beto for bringing Wyclef to this wonderful cause.

yanammm says:

the amazing Beto :)!!! U're so cute and adorable as always :)!!! The idea with the logo was cool, but didn't really work out, ha :PP.
Huuuuuuge Zumba bear hugs to you :)!!!

Evelyn Carcasses says:

Down to earth as always, we love you Beto!

Salsa Connection says:

Awesome.. so good to see the relaxed, fun side of you all!

"Leave your ego at the door".
Peace. Love. Waka Waka. Zumba.

Zumba Love from Australia!

toweringcone says:

Beto you look cute, te extrano ale de california.

cherrygirl8112 says:

wahahahah if this is work for you guys!! where can i apply?? hahahah!
so funny i was just choreographing this for my own class for a warm up!!
keep up the good work beto!! you are the greatest inspiration..

francis valdez says:

i love beto and i love to zumba…

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