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WORK by Lil Jon – practicing Zumba routine with ZBoogie Crew!

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WORK! choreo inspired from Los Angeles Zumba Fitness Concert 2013 * no copyright infringement intended

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Maritza Gonzalez says:

I love all your steps! !!!

MargaritaaRose says:

Love this routine! Could this be used as a warmup?

JustCourtney17 says:

I did this with my sister and I really enjoyed it

Veronica Canizalez says:

Amazing Choreo chica!!! <3 Love it!!!

Praying for baby #3 says:

Thank you guys for posting. I've been doing this routine (a bit different) but inspired by you, and people go nuts. It's a heart pumpin' one. Thanks

Alva Appenay says:

Hey girl, just bought this song fr ItTunes yesterday. ITunes people, look for it, pay for it, it's the right thing to do.

katelynn parker says:

I love this choreo also..thanks for sharing could you send me the song please!!!I'm a zumba instructor and I need some good fun catchy songs…thanks in advance..airheadblond_38@yahoo.com

Cindy Smith Huff says:

I just love your routines!!! Thanks so much for posting them.

Dolly Letriz says:

You are awesome!!!

Pac Man says:

i took a zumba class this past Thursday and we did this routine!

Praying for baby #3 says:

Did this routine to my class last nigh and everybody LOVED IT. Thank you for sharing. Best routine Evar ; )

Praying for baby #3 says:

Evrything you do look awesome. I am stealing one mama! Thanks for posting, you are one of my favorite ; )

Zumba Mami Southern Girl says:

I've watched several routines for this song and yours was the BEST! Awesome…I gotta learn this routine.

Laurie Rios says:

LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for sharing! Definitely going to use in my class!

Gloria Gomez says:

Can you please send me this song, I can't find it. my address ggpassat99@aol.com. love your routine.

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