wii zumba fitness 2

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playing new zumba fitness 2 poison and pause workout pretty fun.

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raynessz says:

it really fun u should try it

cupcakeswagg says:

im getting this

Hamstergaga101 says:

omg im geting this game but will it be inside the case? it seems big to be inside a case please reply quik anyone

Amanda Burcham says:

make sure ur belt is on the right side of ur hip

Oisin Judge says:

Surely u burned more than 60 calories?!?!?! Awesome dancin tho, and thanks, ur one of the few who actually film themselves playin rather than just talk about it or just show the screen :)

Silva Salah says:

well good dancing and i have zumba its fun

Heidi Sanchez says:

u go girll :)

cpasradi says:

For poison, try to keep your back straight when you go side to side if you don't want to hurt your back.

ascen sabater says:

poison- pussycat dolls

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