What is Aqua Zumba?

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An overview of the Aqua Zumba® program.

Visit zumba.com/aqua for more details or to find a Zumba Toning class near you.

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Laura Veytia says:

I made to class with a bad knee next time I deserve lunch at Willie's.

moodini99 says:

This looks like a horrible thing to do!

Shannon S says:

I do not know a thing about zumba, but thought and heard a lot of good about aqua zumba, so first class is tomorrow.  Thank you for sharing this, and giving me an idea of what to expect

Michael Michael says:

Where are the old people?

Nap Dela Cuesta Bacus says:

HALA – zumba fitness original

colter brown says:

I am going to try this for the first time this week just having a look to see whats involved looks fun just hope it works im sure it will

mpenny226 says:

this looks like so much fun!!! I will check it out in my area. 

johnnieace45 says:

Going to try this for the first time today after work!

Amazingilrosso says:

io odio acquazumba

Jana Kö says:

how is the song called, wich is in your aqua zumba video on your homepage ?

Carissa Grunke says:

Is this choreography to that song on one of the aqua DVDs?

YoutubeUser says:

this looks so much fun as long as no one pees in the pool…

Elizabeth Ortega says:

I'll sign up today!

faith2392 says:

Looks so much fun

millersarahrenee says:

'Hala – Reggaeton' – you can find it on iTunes. :)

asxetintip says:


carmellac2000 says:

Hey have you heard of "stop trying to advertise generic workout videos in comments?" it made it possible for real people to leave comments related to the video. GOOGLE that…

carmellac2000 says:

oh i know i know its zumba in water! yay!

Silvia Lucchini says:

amazing! waiting to try it!! someone knows the name of song?

TheRentFan says:

Actually we are classified as professional fitness instructors. Zumba IS a fitness class, not a dance class. I think you mean that it doesn't make us personal trainers. That's a whole other animal.

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