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Waka Waka & Zumba Gold – Large.m4v

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DFW Dance Fitness – Arlington, TX and Hurst, TX

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Bruna Lima Da Silva says:

I love zumba

Jodee ODonnell says:

Fantastic, I want to make streamers like that! I think they will really like it. I thought it was just steamers like for a party but you used flagging tape? Cool.

C Schwartz says:

I love the guy in the front

Carla Riffel .DFW Dance Fitness says:

@baribales Thanks We have so much Fun every class! They LOVE Zumba Gold

Carla Riffel .DFW Dance Fitness says:

@tonicfitness Thank You! Love Zumba Gold they LOVE to Party Zumba style

tonicfitness says:

Loved this – esp seeing different levels of agility (note the chair ready for one lady, that's nice to see), hope to use this in my class is Australia soon!

baribales says:

oh WOW! thanks so much for sharing this, I am a Gold instructor as well, but wasnt sure about starting classes. Your video and your students are awesome! good job!

Gary Hauptli says:

Best Zumba Gold choreo I have seen on You Tube. Love the streamers! Great idea! You as an instructor are making a real party for your class! You have inspired me as I hope to be teaching my own class soon.

mssimply says:

Interesting! This would be fun for kids too! How long are your streamers? Also, what is the width of tape you are using? 1" ? 1 3/16? Great idea!

mssimply says:

Interesting! This would be fun for kids too! How long are your streamers?

winterscarla says:

Carla you look great.

Carol Johnson says:

LOve this! Thanks for posting. I was looking for a gentle version of this song and this is perfect!!

ynotsaile says:

Thank You Thank You Thank You! I will be making these!

Carla Riffel .DFW Dance Fitness says:

@ynotsaile My Gold class had a Blast!! Go to home home depot or lowes or Granger and get flagging tape it comes in all colors. I used rubber bands to wrap around they hands. Have Fun

ynotsaile says:

Really, did you make or buy the streamers? I gotta know how!!

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