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“WAKA WAKA” (This time for Africa) in response to Shakira’s Video 1Goal

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Like it says in Shakira’s video, “Let’s all dance for 1 GOAL: Education for All. 1 dance, 1 song, 1 goal.”

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Mia Holland says:

the best video I have found thanks!!

Diamond Duck says:

this is the best routines i have watched with that song i m gonna try it out

Chloe Co says:

That is one of the best routines I have watched.i really wanna join now and do that.it must be really fun 😀

liz sunseri says:

very nice choreo!! waka waka to you and thank you

BevyC100 says:

This song makes me wanna get up and dance where ever I may be.  I loved doing Zumba to it and it's still as awesome as when it first came out 🙂  Thanks for sharing

Sarangan Sivapalan says:

really supebbb

Camila Fernandes says:

nuuuuuuuuuuu que legal 🙂

FWY Pilms says:



Luna2013 says:

use to this in gym at school! was so fun

Ədalət Isgəndərov says:


Airul Aiddi says:

wehuuu! i like zumba!!

Marni Gould says:

Great job Lupita and Luzette. I wish my mom could dance with me 🙂

LexUnique says:

we do this one in my zumba class too, its my favorite!

lacey meyer says:

Best one I have seen do excited to teach this to my colorguard

dominolovr says:

Omg, u guys r all soooo good! Do u mind if me and my friend use this for the talent show? I think u guys did great! 🙂

North Child says:

i like the music

enmccray says:


mickaelgaribaldi says:

Sanchezita numero 7: te amo :-*

Kiana Smith says:

I liked that… Loved it!!!!

MzMelodyz45 says:

Did this with my bestfriend this morning, sooooooo fun! Had so much fun and worked out at the same time! Best video of this song/dance! Good luck!:)

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