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Una Vaina loca – salsa

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Big thanks to my friend Romana Novotna for inspiration!

Lucka & Petros on Zumba holiday in Italy 😉 Summer 2014

web: http://www.lucietvrdonova.cz/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/lucie.tvrdonova.1

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Stephanie Baker says:

Love your choreograph, fun and simple.. best one I have seen so far.. Love it!!

Ingrid Deer says:

Yayyy, I found it.  It's by Fuego – Una Vaina Loca (cover salsa) Javary ElCiklón

Melanie Warren says:

How can I get this version?? I can't find it on ITunes.

kelsey beecher says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS and want to do this. I'm so bummed that this version of the song is not available in the U.S.A 🙁 You are so good at cueing, have great energy, and I would love to take your class. Keep up the good work and please please please keep sharing your videos so I can use your talent in my classes if I can buy the song in my country :(.

Alicia Bolin says:

Love this!  Did you get your song version from iTunes?  The only versions I am seeing with El Potro are 4:21 and 5:15, and your video is 3:18…  Would love to make sure I download the right one.  Thank you!!!  🙂

Fronso says:

LOVED this choreo! will be doing it tonight at my class and share on Zumbatube if you dont mind 🙂
 perfect choreo, perfect steps, following zumba formula… loved it!

cdbs5 says:

Great job! Is this song on iTunes? I'm looking for the exact version you used.  I think it's by Fuego but I can't seem to find one as long as yours.  

Nicole Hoffmann says:

Love it! Can I please have the name of the artist?

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