Timber By Pitbull Ft. Kesha – Zumba Choreography (Warm Up)

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Original choreography by Cassie Lynne. I love this song! Check out my Kickstarter Project to raise money to make a music video! We are funded! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cassielynne/cassie-lynnes-new-ep-and-music-video

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Norhaslinda Dugad says:

nice and simple…. i like it

Валентина Гриценко says:

Me gusta!

Meninas de Coração says:

ai Love You💖💖

Meninas de Coração says:

legal essa dai sabe bem de Zumba Parabéns🎉🎉🎂😘😻

Shreya Saxena says:

This one is awesome 🙂 Great job +Cassie Lynne

bryan alexis Paz says:

no megusto me encanto mi hermana lo baila igual que ella

Viola Bercher says:

Popo bewegt super und die arme

Kristy Orr says:

I am new to teaching Zumba !  I love this because it is simple but great choreography!  Thanks so much for sharing!

kittyearedgirl says:

Thank you for sharing! Best Zumba choreography I've seen to a fantastic song~

Jummi says:

AMAAAAAZING!!! Love your energy

Chelsea Bondarenko says:

I'm about to get certified for the second time and teach my own classes. I LOVE your choreo! I can use some of it right?

Marianella Lopez says:

GREAT! thank you so much!!


Great Warm up!!!

Charlie Peña says:

Cassie, I miss your classes at Gold's.. Please post Big Spender.. Please! Please! ^_^

Hajni Berko says:

good to see that you enjoy it so much! great job!

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