The Killers – Shot At The Night

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Shot At The Night available now off of Direct Hits –

Music video by The Killers performing Shot At The Night. © 2013: The Island Def Jam Music Group

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Nikola Djordjevic says:

She is so beautiful. I fall in love 🙂

Sutha Saskara says:

This guy used to bully Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. Hate him.

Nathalia BH says:

No me cansaré de escuchaaarla❤

Надежда Кузнецова says:


Ricardo Leiva says:

Que gran tema wn!!!

Jordana Miranda Andrade says:

La mas bella del mundo! 👌

Jehieli G.V Shakur says:

4 years later… and i still love this song

effystonumerrr says:

i want this to be a movie. ❤ can you make this plot a movie!

Carol Barreto says:

Clipe lindo! Maravilhoso… 😍😍

pauline gee says:

I like this song it remands me of a guy I met lewis and he was so nice and I let him go

Marshall Tuten says:

I shouted "OH SHE'S BAE!!!!" out loud at 2:44

dave dave to says:

give me a shot at night
give me a moment some kind of mysterious

InfidelWithAMolotov says:

@3:50 sly body odor check

HúgoOficial says:

Quien la escucha en 2017 ? 🤘🏻

Aldo Hernández says:

3:31 is that the old couple from "A dustland fairy tale" finally getting together?

Viri S Monroy says:

This song has half the views of that shitty "England is my city" song and that's so fucked up

Katy m says:

Hey it's nick from the handmaids tale!! 😍

Gannet Grillet says:

Did anyone notice that the girl in the video it's the same that plays Victoria in Dark Shadows?

lordBeto says:

Who else is watching this is in 2018?

ciscokid USMC says:

When in Rome people. When in Rome!!!!!!! Live a little!!

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