Zumba routine to Fireball by Pitbull. Original Choreography by Holly Bennett (I do not own the copyrights to this song. This video is meant for entertainment purposes only.)
This is a high energy cardio hip hop song that I use in the body of my class. Lots of shoulder work! For fitness tips, workouts, recipes and more check out my website: www.melissarayfitness.com. follow [More]
Named Best of San Diego for ZUMBA by San Diego Magazine! http://bootiquefitness.com/dance-fitness-party-san-diego/ – Bootique Fitness is celebrating weekly fun and exhilarating zumba style dance fitness classes in San Diego. Join us for an high-energy calorie [More]
BPM Coreografia Sencilla de Zumba, para que bailen en casa o si son profes para sumar en sus clases!…. Coreo Creada Por= Antonieta y Pablo Espero les guste! Canción // Song Official: Pitbull – Fun [More]
Learn our lates Pitbull zumba routine, this summer’s great hit ‘El Taxi’. Have fun dancing to this Zumba routine while you get fit. Enjoy! Start your zumba workout with some of the best zumba music [More]
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Fun routine that me and my class just loves. For this routine I prepped them the first time that it is a partner dance so if you dont know the person on either side take [More]
TIMBER by Pitbull! Testimonials and dancing by seniors from 60 to 84!
Choreography by Vanessa Mackay. **I do not own the copyrights to this song. No copyright infringement intended. For educational purposes only** (P.S. Please DO NOT remove the audio/video! If a person likes your music used [More]
Choreo by me and some inspiration from talented people on youtube! Like it, Love it, Share it! =D Need help losing weight? Contact Me! My name is Angelique “Jay” Armada. Let me help you murder [More]
WARM-UP **I do not own the rights to this song. No infringement intended. For inspirational purposes only**
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