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A mini clip of how much fun YOU can have doing Zumba!!! Looking for something new and fun that doesn’t feel like exercise….give ZUMBA a try…you will never miss a class!!!! My participants tell me [More]
The ZUMBA DANCE AND FITNESS CRAZE HITS CEBU, with instructor EMMA. First in the Philippines! Zumba is a group exercise combining kickboxing, aerobics and Latin cardio fitness routines. It also blends in different styles like [More]
Autism and zumba. How do they link? Sandy is an awesome Zumba instructor right here in the Valley and we get to see a preview of her class! However, there is so much more to [More]
Hey My Mother F*ckers how are you doing I know its been so long but i had to work it to pay the bills girls and what i mean by bills my drugs hahaha I [More]
Zumba Exercise Class Stoke on Trent (Chesterton) 20.9.10. (Ref 2) Instructor: Charlotte Macari
Zumba Exercise Class Stoke on Trent (Chesterton)20.9.10. (Ref 1) Instruction my Charlotte Macari
San Diego’s Zumba Instructor Ninfa Skezas Introducing Zumba at Gator By The Bay Festival 2010