The ZUMBA DANCE AND FITNESS CRAZE HITS CEBU, with instructor EMMA. First in the Philippines! Zumba is a group exercise combining kickboxing, aerobics and Latin cardio fitness routines. It also blends in different styles like [More]
Autism and zumba. How do they link? Sandy is an awesome Zumba instructor right here in the Valley and we get to see a preview of her class! However, there is so much more to [More]
Hey My Mother F*ckers how are you doing I know its been so long but i had to work it to pay the bills girls and what i mean by bills my drugs hahaha I [More]
Zumba Exercise Class Stoke on Trent (Chesterton) 20.9.10. (Ref 2) Instructor: Charlotte Macari
Zumba Exercise Class Stoke on Trent (Chesterton)20.9.10. (Ref 1) Instruction my Charlotte Macari
San Diego’s Zumba Instructor Ninfa Skezas Introducing Zumba at Gator By The Bay Festival 2010
In diesem Video stellt sich Susan von den Zumbarinas vor. Lizenz: Zumba® Basic 1 Zumba® Kids Zumba® Kids Jr. Zumba® Toning Zumba Aqua http://www.zumbarinas.deFacebook: Alle Informationen rund um uns, Zumba® fitness, unseren Terminen und [More]
Zumba instructor Nitika rocking the SCMM 2013 on Ella Copia
Zumba instructor Tabi rocking the SCMM 2013 on LIMBO
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