IDrive Remote Backup

The video with original music is not available on phones/tablet. You can watch our video with the original music on computer. Find it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIG7gnMZ5kU Cover song by Santos & Ledes :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n30InDrprfo DanzAddiction Dance Studio, [More]
Fun routine that me and my class just loves. For this routine I prepped them the first time that it is a partner dance so if you dont know the person on either side take [More]
I needed a happy warm up song and disco always does the trick for me. This is Jamiroqui’s version but I think it’s on a Megamix as well. Hope you like it, use it, share [More]
This is an oldie but a class fav. He is saying I want to Grab you in Portuguese. Brazilian Funk by Bonde Do Tigrao. Sensazao has great Brazilian Funk and everything. They are out of [More]
ShakeFitness/SDAF Studio Offering ZUMBA┬« classes-Northborough, MA. Shakira’s 1 Goal Waka Waka & Zumba Video Response. Education for All 1SONG, 1DANCE, 1GOAL http://www.ShakeFitness.com Shake Dance & Fitness Studio. Filmada en Shake Dance & Fitness Studio Zumba [More]