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Rihanna – Work Zumba/Dance routine

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Have fun with this choreo!


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Ximena Fernández hernandez says:

la baile en la escuela y me saque 10 😉

MsBex86 says:

go girl 😊☺😁

Fahra Dina says:

I personally think that this is the best choreography of this song so far. Dina please please please make more choreography!!! plus I love your style you got me motivated!!

rain lover says:

i liked niccccccce

Alex toreto says:

esta bueno pero no tanto o no😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😈😈😈

Kayla Projects says:

Nice moves! 👍

Anel Bojorge says:

Girl you nailed it!!!😍👍🏻👍🏻

michael miranda says:

you look great and so do your dance moves well done 🙂

Maram Sami says:

wooooow really i love it you are amazing keep the good work 😉 <3

granchio105 says:

God, excellent choreography! Love your moves, so sexy! Greetings from Peru!!!

Nykel Mitchell says:

This how you dance to this song at a party fr! Nice and simple

Sarah Drg says:

This was Great ! Can you make a tutorial please !

billy cole says:

wow what a goddess of perfection u r very lovely

Mildred Mae says:

you did good

Cesar Fenomeno says:

Wow, this moves are awesome…love it how you move..perfect with the rhythm, great body by the way…greetings from México

K. Symsymma says:

werk!!! gurl u happening…. awesome job❤❤

dakotachocoe says:

Excellent moves, simple choreo like Zumba recommends. Congratulations. Thanks for sharing!

JoelCaza EC says:

con todo el respeto si que bailas sube mas videos please

Socorro Sarmientomosa says:

Vey nice Andrina! well done! I got a lot of inspiration with your choreo! Kisses from Holland! <3

Gina Ramirez says:

You have really cool dance moves👍👍👍👍

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