Rihanna – Work / Dance Fitness Choreography Anna Dąbrowska

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Zapraszamy na zajęcia Zumba Fitness!

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hasan baki says:

you smeg head

mayra cristina soto veliz says:


Pat Jangcharoen says:

Lakers jersey boy is slaying it.

Jungkook Taetae says:

too slow

como será says:

gostei muito bom

Ashlee Baker says:

This is dope! Love it!

amy rose BR says:

melhor coreografia que vi até agora : )

Izzy Plays says:

And I have to do that for the show WOW

Asiba The Buffalo Soldier says:

very nice

aline cardoso says:

eu queria tanto participar de dançarinos assim como vcs eu sei dançar mais como vcs é muito lindo de ver se eu dançar com vcs seria o meu sonho amo dançar

Anna smink says:

inspiration one million dance studio!!!!

papinho com jhullie silva says:


Anita Austin says:

loving the dude it the lakers jersey lol! cute routine :)

shole jeldres says:

super buena la coreografia :!!!

Escape Dance and Fitness says:

Great choreo!!!

Flotricia Cadet says:

Are u a girl or boy

lillyj47 bell says:

Nice moves bad song

Flotricia Cadet says:

it's good but the one in the purple shirt is a boy

MARGUIBU76 says:

the best work routine!!! easy and clean steps!!! loved it!!!

Magdalena B says:

Fajne :-)

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