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Review: Zumba Fitness 1 (Wii) (pt.2)

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This is a follow up review with SofiaAlejandra9 on Zumba Fitness for Wii, with more footage!!! I wanted to share more with you all so you can get a better feel of the game!!
FTC: I am not sponsored by Wii, Zumba, Amazon or Nike. I purchased this game for myself and this is my personal honest opinion!
Questions, Comments, RATE.

UNLOCKING ZUMBATHON…score well on your classes…it will slowly unlock expert 20min and expert 45 min…although your classes do not show GREEN check marks, it does save…


ZUMBA FITNESS 2 IS HERE!!! Review LINK below!!

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Crystal Gulbranson says:

So I have a question. If you have never done Zumba Fitness, do you suggest that a person do the first one first or is it ok to go to the second one. And is Zumba Fitness Core the same as the first Zumba Fitness or is that something completely different. And do suggest Zumba Fitness for someone that is really wanting to lose weight. And where can I get one of those belts?

Trisha Robles says:

Lol My question was if two people can play but than I saw multiplayer on the screen I was yay 😀 I bought Zumba fitness 1 & 2 and a extra belt from Amazon and it came today 😀

Rebecca G Cazares says:

Great review (Part I, too) and I'm heading out to purchase this game. Thank you SofiaAlejandra9!!

Lucía Arancibia M. says:

how long is the wii belt? cause i need to know if it fits me im size XL, cause obviously people with overweight is going to try this game.

sue usmle says:

Like it thx sofia definitly ill buy it ….u r a wonderful person

SofiaAlejandra9 says:

It saves automatically.

SofiaAlejandra9 says:

I believe it is on the second game 🙂

SofiaAlejandra9 says:

This one doe not, but the second one does.

Jaky Garay says:

como se llama la primera cancion??

Allie Brice says:

I have a question… can you tell me if El Amor El Amor is on this particular game? I'm going crazy trying to find it and so far I've had no luck.

Kimberly Wordsworth says:

There is a venue button on bottom right which changes the background from boat, gym, NY CITY club etc. You can do this from day 1 – but this is on the Zumba Dance 2 so maybe it is not an option on the first one.

Locsnatwist says:

saw it for $30 online at walmart.com and zumba 2 was $39.00 about to order mine now

Kacey Bruce says:

I love this game ! but how do I save my workouts?

SofiaAlejandra9 says:

@LaCheshireChat Aww thank you so much!! It has been a while since this video, I am down another 15lbs now!! Thank you for your comment!!

LaCheshireChat says:

I LOVE your hair now! You look much slimmer and fit, as well. Well done you. You can totally see your progress!

haga71p28 says:

@SofiaAlejandra9 Hiya I'd like to add that if you carry on the routine once you know it well-the image on screen will speed up to try and keep up.You will still get green colour as long as you are on the beat.

JudgeYami says:

I like to try this!

chrisbur21 says:

Target: $39.99!!!

ArtsyPants1981 says:

you unlock by earning it i wasnt very great at it and i unlocked them pretty quick it will just do it when u earn it

but get zumba 2 its better

SofiaAlejandra9 says:

@sasenecal56 Yes they can do this at the same time, I believe it is up to four people.

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