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RECESS WITH LIZZZA / Playground Memories | Lizzza

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Come be an overgrown child with me on the playground! LET’S SHARE SOME COOTIES. I don’t wanna grow up. Please give this video a like, babes! Follow my other socials below… (;
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theheavyisagirl says:

"Or maybe they just wanna play hide and seek"

Queen_Bee 37 says:

At my school there was a big metal structure with monkey bars and "gymnastics" bar, and a fireman pole. Me and my friends would always swing on the gap in between the structure and the fireman pole ( It was like 12feet off the ground) and when ever it was my turn I always ended up falling on my but in to the STUPID BARK that they think kids love. My life was great

Jasmine Salgado says:

I love lizza she is so funny also her videos are so funny and halieriouse .,🤗

Angelina Harris says:

But if I was Liza but a creep in a van I be like, you want some candy? I also got free wifi 😏

Angelina Harris says:

but… Where would the kids play hide and seek at? I know it's at the park but with a grown up? Me: billy I think it's time to go. Billy: but we just came. Me: yeah I know but there's an adult waiting at the park talking to her self and going down a pole like a stripper.

Proxima Centauri says:

At kindergarten there was this one time where my mom got called at school because apparently I hid under our teacher's desk and when she sat down I screamed, grabbed her leg, and BIT it. Like what the fuck. I don't even remember doing that, I couldn't imagine myself being so umm wild? I thought I've been shy and quiet all my life but it turns out I was an animal as a kid.

Zered Lara says:

i laf so good😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂lizzza i like your videos😂😂😂😂

Bethany Stradwick says:

I can so relate to the monkey bars

MagpahanggangWakas Vlogs says:

I never slid down the pole in kindergarten

MagpahanggangWakas Vlogs says:

I was watching the basketball game, Dubs versus Cavs!!! Dubs won and I stoped at 1:23

Iris' American Girl Doll Channel Littrell says:

But at falls springs in Kentucky today I fell on my butt and big boys laughed at me

Maya Mikolajewski says:

UH….when I was in 4th grade I made out in those tunnels with this boy named Charles….

Yaviyah Brown says:

Eat my carons

Emberslayer says:

You should write a book called reading with Liza

Michelle Perez says:


Michelle Perez says:

when I was little like 4 years old my dad used to practice with me with monkey bars so I learned pretty fast

Epic Evangeline says:

This video is the story of my life, my friend is a Vanessa and her name is Jessica, and My grade also has a Chad named Justin (I had a crush on him). And I am Little Boy Liza. Also I have a (very) similar personality to Liza. This is insane! MIND BLOWN🤓😲

Epic Evangeline says:

How is she so CUTE!?! MY GOODNESS

DIY's W/ Vanessa says:

my name is Vanessa😂💀

Milla Kabanov says:

can you still do gimnastices?

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