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Purple People Eater Zumba Gold

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Purple People Eater
DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement intended. This video is for educational or entertainment purposes only. All rights to the song in the video should go to the recording company and singer.

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valafurby1 says:

Ok I LOVE this!! Thank You! I'm going to do it this morning. (Halloween Gold)

flo spinazzola says:

Thanks!! I'm going to use this for the haunted hayrides at Allaire State Park this year.

ZumbAnne Reno says:

Will be using this routine again this year!!

Solangee Ydith Ramirez Ramirez says:

hola! soy una lurias mexicana y me encanto su video es genial y hermoso, felicidades.

Kari Youngblood says:

I have to say thank you for posting this! Did this one yesterday in my Gold class and a lady came up to me after class and shared the sweetest memory from her childhood about her mother making her brother a "purple people eater" costume for Halloween. Lots of smiles in the room when this comes on! 🙂

Brenda Holcomb says:

Thanks for the nice compliment. My classes enjoys this time of the year.

Carol Fairman says:

Can not wait to use this tonight – they love the Monster Mash. This will be an added treat. I appreciate you.

funnygirlwithpugs says:

SOOOO cute!!!!! Can't wait to add it to my Gold class-this was one of my FAVORITE songs as a kid !!!

Alithia1306 says:


Jaime Weaver says:

LOVE this. My Gold class and Zumbatomic class will love it this month!

Jo Ellis says:

Thanks for this great video – I was just deciding whether to do my Zumba Gold training and this has convinced me to do it!

Ironworks says:

this is the best!!!


i love it – can i use for my haloween zumba – my ladies will love this

Kim Bear says:

Great!!! I loved it.

jmdscatt says:

Awsome!! Luv it!

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