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PSY gangnam style Aqua Zumba choreography by Lucia Meresova [HD]

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Original Aqua Zumba choreography for the song Gangnam Style from PSY. Instructor Lucia Méresová.

For more info check http://www.zumba-party.sk/
For my YouTube channel visit http://www.youtube.com/user/zumbapartySK?sub_confirmation=1

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David Hiram says:

Lucia Méresová you totally ROCK!

Joy McQuery says:

One of my favorites. It is the right speed for the water PLUS you feel like you are having fun dancing. One of the best!

Steve Newton says:

Super! Thanks 😉

Tammy Crossman says:

Love aqua zumba.Going to Aruba hope they have it there

Leo Nieto says:

I have watched with great pleasure!!!! Such a good mood!

Salvo Amodio says:

pure mia mamma fa acqu zumba 😃😃😃😃😃😃

Joy Lin says:

that's pretty awesome

Cristina Berriel says:

grande AquaZumba!!!!!

Jackie Lewis says:

Great routine! I'm gonna use this in my class. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Barbara Queiroz says:

Muito bom, PARABÉNS!!!

Mama Black says:

I'm getting certified for aqua zumba at the end of the month. I would LOVE to use this choreography when I start teaching. Love your moves!

Amy Sup says:

Her class looks like a lot of fun 🙂

missingaboard says:

Now I want to teach zumba aqua !! Because that was so much fun!

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