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Audrey was invited by Zumba to open the International Zumba Conference!!! This is her performance with her local instructors and some of the best Zumba dancers in the Zumba community. Thanks sooooo much Zumba!!!!
I do not own the rights to this songs.
Dance Zumba together with CMN in our CMN Carnival on 7th May 2017 at CMN Malaysia Business Gallery.
Alessia and I first met at rehearsals for the HALO awards, where Alessia, Daya and I performed together. I’ve loved her songs before but realized that she’s an unbelievable talent when we started rehearsing together [More]
ZUMBA MUSIC FOR ZUMBA DANCE WORKOUT ———————————————– Please Subscribe This Channel Thank you. ZUMBA MUSIC FOR ZUMBA DANCE WORKOUT ———————————————– Please Subscribe This Channel thank you. Zumba Music workout mix ———————————————– Please Subscribe This Channel [More]
http://www.AttractRadicalHealth.com/?t=zumbasteps Zumba Dance Routine – make you sweat in literally one minute or less! In this video you’ll learn and experience – 3 basic Zumba dance steps that ANYONE can do – I verbally guide [More]
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Aqua Zumba(R) class with Aqua Zumba(R) Licensed instructor Sanda Kruger at VALURI in Neptun, Constanta Romania.
Here is my St. Patrick’s Day Zumba Routine. Very easy, my students love this Dance. Enjoy! (I do not own rights to this song, this is for Entertainment purposes only)