Northern Physical Therapy dances the WAKA WAKA
Adriela Morar si Cornelia Condeescu, antrenoare la World Class Romania, prezinta clasa de Zumba la matinalul Neatza cu Razvan si Dani. Fii la curent cu tot ce se intampla in lumea World Class Romania vizitand [More]
Medium intensity Aqua Zumba routine, merengue style Location: Monterey, Calif. Song: Crazy In Love Artist: Mara
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Zumba Dance Workout Class – 40 Minutes Zumba Videos For All Level – Watch and Learn zumba – zumba workout videos – zumba classes near me – zumba fitness – zumba dance – zumba [More]
A short tutorial explaining how to do basic Cumba steps for dance fitness. My dance fitness classes have lots of variety of music and dance styles. Basic Cumbia steps feature in many routines. The Cumbia [More]
No copyright infringement intended. Original choreography used in a Zumba Fitness class for teaching and demonstration purposes.
A long been requested Warm Up exercise that was just made recently due to personal health concerns. This is a combination of slow and high cardio sweat stimulating exercise that will start up your daily [More]