Nachange saari raat || zumba routine || SnJ choreography

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As you all can see from our past videos, we are new on youtube and this song was requested by someone. Since then we got obsessed with this song but since we had lot many things at hand we shot this video little late.

Its a good cardio bollywood routine. Wear your comfortable clothes and proper shoes. Play this video and get up from the couch and start following this routine. It easy, fun and effective. Believe me you will sweat like crraaazzzyyyy but first dont forget to warm up your body. We’ve have warmup videos on our channel as well please follow that before this routine.


NOTE: i do not own the copyrights to the song/audio. This video is solely for inspirational and artistic purposes.

In this video: Jipsa(wearing the batman top), Shweta(wearing the cutest smile) and anwesha(spot her if u can)

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Sarla kumari says:

lovely dance…..I just love it

Stuti Singhania says:

That cute little girl at the back thoughđź’•

Shahab Noor says:

cute girl and nyc dance

Samreen Samn says:


– via YTPak(.com)

jaishree jadwani says:

Awesome choreography gals….loved it

Chetna Dave says:

u rock girls thumbs up

Sushma Agrawal says:

Energetic chrography…..u guys looks fabulous

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