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Mo Better Me: Hip-Hop Zumba 15min Burn 200 Calories in 15 min

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Mo Better Me: Hip-Hop Zumba 15min Calorie Count

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Morgan Andrews says:

Love the video! Where is this located. I'm in Ohio and ik you guys likely are because of the college t shirts

tcrogers9 says:


Iyonnah Taylor says:

Zumba is so fun! I miss teaching my actual classes 3x a day in Connecticut . 😭

Faith says:

OMG I LOVE THIS. I do this in my apartment it's so energizing

TypeAAA says:

I just did this whole video and then half of it again! I came across it because I was looking to burn off some additional unplanned calories before going to bed. 🙂 Soon after I wake up in the morning, I'm going to dance this whole video four times in a row for an hour total.
I also noticed that even though it says "burn 200 calories" for this whole video, I am a petite person compared to nearly all of the women featured here, so what I did was exaggerated my movements a bit to make up for my lack of mass.

LowKey Libra says:

So no one peeped that lady's daughter who walked by and got her upset? Lol…anyway this was great

Jerita Pinnance says:

Where is this

Monica GTZ says:

The dvds are sold out. Will there be more?

April Symonette says:

This here video will be the 30 minutes workout for me, at this time I'm 256 and I'm working my way to 180 and I think this video will help me. Thanks again hun

April Symonette says:

very great workout thanks hun

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