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Mini Review: Zumba Fitness Core (Wii)

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My honest opinion about the game. This has very little discussion. Song preview and game play included. “Party Your Abs Off!”

FTC: I purchased this game with my own money and I am not affiliated with Zumba or Nintendo.
Beginning and Ending Song: “Crazy Love” Mara feat. Beto Perez
Some of the Artists you will find on the game:
Enrique Iglesias
Don Omar
Nayer ft Pitbull
Sean Paul
Kat Deluna
Bob Marley
The Donnas
and More!

Instagram: SofiaAlejandra9

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Kartik Annamalai Palaniappan says:

Does it work with WII Mini console.

MahoganyKinks Jones says:

Have you seen any results?

Jude Fleurentin says:

So u don't need the belt because thats whAt u said d####

SofiaAlejandra9 says:

@yosoyaraguaney From looking at the production if this video game, they used the actual Zumba instructors moves to create it. I don't have a problem following the game. It is a fast paced game and it will take practice.

yosoyaraguaney says:

Hi, in another review they said that is not too good, or at least not as good as dvd's because the movements made by the avatars are not real, and difficult to follow,there are things you can't cacht. And of course dissapointing the fact of not having good punctuation.

SofiaAlejandra9 says:

@duckzor I meant to say, yes I have the add on. Sorry!!

SofiaAlejandra9 says:

@duckzor I don't use it.

duckzor says:

does this game use the wii motion plus addon?

SofiaAlejandra9 says:

@xAshantiWx I sometimes have the same issue. They recommend that you wear it because of the sensor on top of the controller, and the risk of it flying out of your hand.

Ashanti Lucas says:

Do you know if you have to have the belt on cause when I have the belt on my controller falls out.

SofiaAlejandra9 says:

@BleuKiwis yes I have tried just dance 🙂

Inspire Me says:

Have you tried just dance?

Rockin Robyn says:

I had the first one and didn't like it to much.. I didn't like how it was set up.. ill check this one out.

prettyD-Ash says:

Get it girl! I'm gonna have to get this one! I don't have 2 yet, but I always wished they had more AB concentrated routines from 1, so maybe I'll add this one!

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