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Menea La Pera by BIP (ZIN 51) | Zumba® Cardio Routine by Vijaya

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This Zumba® choreography was inspired from the original steps provided by zumba.com. Enjoy the twists and flavors I added to these crazy beats which will keep your heart rate up. Everyone loves this track in my classes and hope you like it too. Hearts!

A Zumba® Choreography by Vijaya for the song track Menea La Pera by BIP from the ZIN 51 collection.

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Soundtrack: Menea La Pera
Artists: ZIN 51

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Martina Aucachi says:

Ii2mwjsjeneennenneheh322 owoo2iwiwii2isj2iu2uu2u

Karina Erwin says:

you are so awesome i actually used some of ur steps on my routines and i took ur remix Saun Paul warm up…congrats

Candice coln says:

I really hate the girl who came last

sheetal bajaj says:

love your workout mam….our class does follow your steps

Shilpa Kanwar says:

I am in love with you Vijaya! And Seva is just so woww! Full of life and energy! This one is my favourite number! You are just amazing! Maza aata hai sab videos me specially when u smile and ur expressions! Keep coming with such rocking numbers! 💞💞

mundo divercion 0 says:

feo baile de avesos

Lm G says:

I think my old instructor took pieces of your choreo for this song. Some of it looks similar. I like yours better, will use it when I start teaching.

Riya Dani says:

The girl in white top dances sooo well…all the dancers r amazing….loved it

Zaida Abigail Arce Vazquez says:

its best honduras dance crew

Aga Karluk says:


natasha pavel says:

the best I would say. amazing energy

Luma Salah says:

amazing routine … love your work

Laura Sofia Daza Zea says:

felicitaciones para todas pero en especial a la gordita

cael ike says:

en español porfabir

Shweta Patil says:

You are awesome

Selene martines says:

eso si es verdad hubieran en sallado mas

Nikhil Mace says:

Super Cool… Amazing Energy..

Noe rodriguez says:

Le veo un gran problema. Antes de grabarlo deberían practicarlo más y estar coordinadas.

يارب رحمتك says:

الدبه ماشاء الله عليها لياقه 😩

Marcia Botarro says:

la de short rojo que se enchufe, anda mas perdida

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